7 Oscars Winning Dog Lovers

Matthew McConaughey

McConaughey FoxyMcConaughey, at age 44, won the Oscar for Best Actor following his portrayal of AIDS patient Ron Woodroof in the critically-acclaimed Dallas Buyers Club. McConaughey is currently the proud owner of three dogs. After losing his two previous dogs, both to cancer in 2005, McConaughey rescued a small, red-haired Border Collie-mix named Foxy. Next, he was united with his small, white unknown-mix named BJ. When news of the name came out, many close to McConaughey, including Jennifer Garner reported that the name stood for exactly what you might think it does but since then, he’s claimed that the name actually stands for beef jerky. Who knew. Finally, he has another rescue named Cheesey, who he found through the organization named D Cups Saving Teacups. It is staffed by exactly the type of person you might think.

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Jennifer Lawrence

B2k4vUVIgAEdup4Jennifer Lawrence won the Oscar for Best Actress at age 22 two years ago for her role alongside Bradley Cooper in Silver Linings Playbook. Since then, her fame has only increased following the release of two more movies in the Hunger Games series. After walking the red carpet and being widely quoted stating she gets so nervous that she “shakes like a chihuahua,” Jennifer went and got one named Pippi.








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Reese Witherspoon

Witherspoon FrankWitherspoon received the best actress award in 2005 for her portrayal of June Carter Cash. Witherspoon has three dogs, all named after celebrities. First, there is Chi Chi Rodriguez, who is a Chihuahua, just like her dog, Bruiser, in the Legally Blonde films. Chi Chi is named after the famous Puerto Rican golfer. Next, Witherspoon has English Bulldog Frank Sinatra, who was supposedly named for her ex-husband, Ryan Phillipe, who was a huge fan of the late crooner. The dog has a cameo in Legally Blonde 2. Lastly, Witherspoon has a French Bulldog, named after fashion legend Coco Chanel.

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George Clooney

Clooney 4Clooney won his first Oscar in 2005 for Best Supporting Actor and is credited with another as co-producer of 2012 Best Picture winning film Argo. Clooney’s Cocker Spaniel, Einstein, was taken in by an employee of Camp Cocker, an L.A. based rescue, from the high-kill shelter he found himself in.  Clooney is said to have claimed that he would only take a dog that would like him, so on his way to see Einstein, he rubbed meatballs on his shoes and the two have been together other since.

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Elizabeth Taylor

elizabeth-taylor-bathing-amy-her-cocker-spaniel-lg-1-1Elizabeth Taylor twice won the Oscar for Best Actress in her 62 year career in film. Both on and off the set, Taylor was known to be accompanied by a dog just about all the time. Taylor first began her work with dogs when she was cast to appear alongside famed Rough Collie actor, Pal, in the first of the Lassie films which was the first of two Taylor would appear in. When she turned 60, she was given a Collie puppy who turned out to be a seventh generation relative of Pal. Throughout her life, Taylor owned Spaniels, Dachshunds, Pekingese, and Maltese, among other breeds. Most illustrative of her love for dogs is a story that has her buying a yacht for her dogs to live on because England implemented a six-month quarantine of animals brought into the country.



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Jimmy Stewart

Screen Shot 2015-02-19 at 9.46.37 AMIt’s difficult to find any stories or information on Jimmy Stewart and his general love for dogs as it has all been drowned out by the Oscar winning actor’s tribute to his dog, Beau – which came in the way of a poem performed in 1981 on The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.









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Anne Hathaway


Hathaway, who won her first Oscar for her supporting role in Les Misérables, was a paparazzi favorite last year. After making headlines when she adopted a mixed breed puppy and named him Kenobi after the Star Wars icon Obi-Wan Kenobi. The new puppy joined the Chocolate Labrador already owned by Hathway and her husband, Adam Shulman. It seems as though the two are never seen walking without their two dogs.



Source: Get Leashed Magazine

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