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Fun in the Snow with your Dog

Activities you can do with your dog outside Does your dog love playing in the snow? Many cold weather breeds like American Eskimos, Shiba Inus and Huskies are in their element when it snows- but this doesn’t mean that other breeds can’t have fun in the snow as well.  

Keeping your pets safe this New Years Eve

Holiday fireworks and other fanfare are often frightful experiences for dogs. The loud noises can hurt their sensitive ears. Frightened dogs have different reactions: some tremble at their owners’ feet, others retreat to a hiding place, some try to run off (traveling for miles), and others display bizarre behavior. Low-frequency, percussive noises such as fireworks […]

Photo challenge: your dog’s best summer memory

Enter the HappyTail photo challenge with your dog’s best summer memory! Two easy steps: 1. Like @BoxByDoris on Instagram 2. Upload your best summer pic on Instagram and hashtag it #happytail #boxbydoris  We will select 3 winners – each winner will receive a BoxbyDoris surprise box!

Dogs + ice cream = true!

Yesterday Jenny from the Happy Tail team went to Rosendal Garden in Stockholm with her cute terrier mix Rufus and his dachshund pal Sigge to test the Hugo & Celine dog ice cream! The bananan and coconut flavor was their favorite! Even Sigge, who usually doesn’t want to try new things, slobbered happily the ice cream 🙂 What is dog […]

Dogfie competition

Hello dog lover! Enter our dogfie competition and win a great summer gift for you and your dog! We will select three winners: 1st, 2nd and 3rd place! Email us your best picture (info@happytail.com) or upload it on Instagram and mark it with hashtag #happytailapp #dogfie. The winners will be selected mid August, so there […]