Dogs + ice cream = true!

Yesterday Jenny from the Happy Tail team went to Rosendal Garden in Stockholm with her cute terrier mix Rufus and his dachshund pal Sigge to test the Hugo & Celine dog ice cream! The bananan and coconut flavor was their favorite! Even Sigge, who usually doesn’t want to try new things, slobbered happily the ice cream 🙂

HappyTail Rufus and Sigge

What is dog ice cream?

Dog ice cream is a ice cream designed for dogs. The ice cream contains no lactose, white sugar or other nasties that can be bad for your dog.

How often can you serve ice cream to your dog?

Hugo & Celine recommends serving dogs ice cream as a reward and not as a substitute for a meal.

Do dogs really like ice cream?

YES, YES and YES! Rufus and Sigge can assure this 😉

HappyTail dog ice cream

Read more about Hugo & Celine, and where to get hold of their delicious dog ice cream that is available in three flavors:

  • BARKING: Banana with coconut.
  • SLICK: Salmon.
  • Lickin ‘: Liver. A clear favorite!

Source: Hugo & Celine