DoggiStyle Premium Dogspa Treatments

“Where the hipster dogs go” the DoggiStyleSthlm website states, and this is certainly a trendy hotspot for the vain and beautiful pooches in town.

Here at Stagneliusvägen 33 on Kungsholmen in Stockholm the city dogs gather for spa treatments and grooming such as hairdressing, relaxing in the jacuzzi or fancy “pawdicure”. Your best friend can even get nail-polish on the claws for special occasions.

The price for a full body treatment ranges from 500-1500 SEK depending on the size of the dog and the hair condition and other needs.

After spoiling your dog with a spa day you can even shop some great dog products from high quality brands and home-styling tools or fashion attire. Only the best is good enough for your four-legged companion,right?  

We met Claire Estelle, hairdresser at DoggiStyleSthlm who told us more about her salon:

  1. Tell us about the team at Doggi Style Sthlm. How did it all start and how long have you been around? Hi my name is Claire, the salon owner. I’ve had a dog since I was six years old and that is also when my strong interest for dogs started growing. I’ve also been interested in art and design and I thought that mixing the two interests would be perfect for me. That is when I started thinking about the dog grooming business and I decided to apply for the dog grooming education program at the Dog Planet in Stockholm. Six months before the program started  I did an internship at the Doggi Style Sthlm salon with the previous owner for six months with the plan to take over the salon after my education. So, I took over, renovated, created a new logo and all of a sudden we were up and running. That is now a year ago and this past year has been both challenging and a very giving experience.
  1. What makes Doggi Style Sthlm stand out? We try to use as many natural products as possible! We look over the entire dog to see that he or she is in a good condition and during this process develop a good relationship with the dog and the dog owner so that it will be a comfortable and pleasant experience for everyone.
  1. What is the most popular treatment? Trimming dog’s nails, a complete fur grooming or just a trim.
  1. What breed is the most challenging to treat? Poodles. Small, middle or king poodles are all equally challenging. After that I would have to say the Lagotto or actually all dogs with the curly fur are the most challenging.
  1. Do you have a special memory of a particular customer you want to share? The best memory that I have so far is when I got the honor to treat the news magazine Aftonbladets first “Animal Hero of the Year”. The dog was a small English Staffordshire that was so nice and sweet and it had saved the life of the owners daughter. So it felt so good for us to give her the treatment that she so deserved.
  1. Our HappyTail Dog Quiz winner this month is Lucy the Portuguese Podengo who won a full treatment at your salon. Can you tell us more about this type of treatment?  A full treatment includes; a bath, blow drying and depending on the dog’s fur, grooming, a trim or brushing. It also contains trimming the dog’s nails, ear cleaning, teeth brushing, paw cream treatment and a well smelling dog perfume. The dog will be handled by professionals and will be carefully taken care of and flexibly depending on the dog stress level. The treatment costs up to 1500kr.

We at HappyTail think this salon sounds like doggy heaven and we are looking forward to hear how dear Lucy (in the picture below) enjoyed her treatment there  🙂  If yo want to read more about DoggiStyleSthlm just visit their website HERE